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Color Tutorial


The table below lists all the socketable colors
Name Hex Code R G B Sample
Light GreenB7CF3318320751       
Deep Blue3D68C461104196       
Sea Green4AB78D74183141       
Verdant Green51B3508117980       
Deep Green37864D5513477       
Bright Purple8232ED13050237       
Bright GreenA1FF5916125589       
Placid Blue94CAD0148202208       
Summer WarmthFFEEBC255238188       
Defensive RedFF4200255660       
Creators LightDCF2FF220242255       
Blossom RedD7609221596146       
Crystalline Blue1A3D852661133       
Cursed Black060606666       
Plague Grey626E5B9811091       
International 2012507DFE80125254       
International 201315A5152116521       
Midas GoldFFCA1525520221       
Earth Green5AC3559019585       
Ember FlameFFC6042551984       
Diretide OrangeF79D002471570       
Dredge EarthBDB76B189183107       
Dungeon Doom7B68EE123104238       
Manns MintBCDDB3188221179       
Business PantsF0E68C240230140       
Unhallowed Ground8080001281280       
Vermillion RenewalCA0123202135       
Reflection's ShadeFF3C282556040       
Ice Roshan32ABDC50171220       
Lava RoshanFF783225512050       
Plushy ShagFFC1DC255193220       
Pristine PlatinumD5E3F5213227245       
Champion's Purple7F48C312772195       
Explosive BurstFFAF002551750       

Legacy Colors:

Colors not listed in the table are legacy colors. Legacy couriers were unboxed in the timespan of May 20th - June 25th, 2012. In this timespan there were no pre-defined colors. The unboxed color was generated randomly. Legacy colors are also considered to be truely unique. 2 Example legacies would be:
[218, 42, 101] and [25, 222, 8].

Possible Legacy Couriers

Legacy Couriers could only be obtained in the form of following 6 couriers:
Enduring War Dog, Trusty Mountain Yak, Fearless Badger, Stumpy - Natures Attendant, Mighty Boar, Morok's Mechanical Mediary

and with following 7 effects:
Ethereal Flame, Resonant Energy, Luminous Gaze, Searing Essence, Burning Animus, Piercing Beams, Felicity's Blessing, and Affliction of Vermin

Basics of Color Theory

Color Tones

A color is built up by a combination of red, green and blue parts ranging from 0 (no color) to 255 (full color). Having 3 parts and 256 possible values for each makes up 16,777,216 possible color combinations. If you want to make an orange brighter, use higher values, if you want to make it darker, use lower values.


[255,255,255] is a perfect white.
[0, 255, 0] is a perfect green.
[128, 128, 128] is a "perfect" grey
[100, 100, 100] is a darker grey
[255, 255, 0] is a yellow
[0, 0, 0] is perfect black
[53, 170, 180] is a teal tone

Are Legacy Colors Unique?

Considering our database stores ~700 legacy couriers. Assume 10,000 Legacies exist which is way over the top.
Math: (16,777,216 possible color combinations) x (6 courier types) x (7 effect types) = 704,643,072 possible unique legacies.
The chance your legacy has an exact duplicate is 1:704,643,072.
In other words: According to official statistics, it's 56,000 times more likely to get hit by a lightning (in your whole life) than your legacy having an exact duplicate.

Note: Getting scammed or hijacked can cause Valve to create a duplicate of your legacy to restore it back to the original account.


Color/Effect parsing in Dota 2

It is important to know, that the colors play an important role in the way the effects are rendered. Low RGB numbers will cause a smaller effect, and big RGB numbers will cause a bigger effect. This means: A 0,0,0 ethereal flame courier will not have any visible difference with a normal, non-unusual courier.