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30 days of access: 3.49$

1 year of access: 30$


  Customize your Courier's name, color name and add a custom description!

  Messaging Service for Premium Members -> Message the owners of your favourite Legacies.

  List your Courier as For Sale. Your courier will be listed in the For Sale section of the page. You choose how potential bidders contact you, just via Steam or via D2LP. And you can still choose to hide your identity.

  You'll receive a tool (Windows 32/64 bit only) that allows you changing the colors of your couriers (visible for you only!). This way you can ingame preview your favourite courier with a different color gem. If you can't get the tool running, we'll be there to help you!

  On every Legacy page you'll see a download link for the PCF Files that you can download and put in your dota 2 folder to experience that Legacy courier. This of course only works if you own the same courier and effect.

  Pages for managing your Legacy Couriers and your Account settings on d2lp.

  Constant development of new features, based on what the userbase finds useful