Interview with XaTrIxX

D2LP: Hello Xatrixx. Thanks for taking the time to do this with me! You are one of the most active collectors of legacy couriers. Would you please introduce yourself?

XaTrixX: Hello! My nickname is XaTrIxX, I'll keep my real life name to myself :). I am 23 years old and I am from Austria. I'm studying Software Engineering. Yeah this is a funny situation being interviewed for your own site, but I'm sure it will turn out well. About me: I'm trading since the beginning of Dota 2 days, and collecting legacy couriers since ~August 2012, very active almost daily.

D2LP: What started you collecting? Has it always been couriers, or did it begin elsewhere?

XaTrixX : In the very beginning of trading days, what caught my eye was the Bloodchaser for Axe. This item actually got me interested in trading, because I wanted it so much. Funny by the way nowadays I don't even have it anymore. After the Bloodchaser I wanted a Dr. Kleiner announcer, and then I wanted more and digged up into the world of Unusual couriers. Back then Legacies were normal Unusual couriers. In August (if i remember correctly) I got my first Unusual Courier ever: An unusual Stumpy, Luminous Gaze with the color code 251, 111, 209. I still have this (even when I traded it away and bought it back 5 months later in-between). More unusuals came, in-between the unusuals turned Legacy. Yes: I did not catch the train with the Pink EF Dog I always wanted, I missed it. But at that time i really started collecting the Legacies, as i understood: Legacies are the only truely unique items in Dota 2 (so far).

D2LP: You have been collecting legacies for a long time! Is that first legacy (LG stumpy) the most meaningful to you, or is another your favorite?

XaTriX: It's very hard to tell to be honest. I bought this stumpy back for a high price because I won't ever let go of this Stumpy again. It belongs to me, it was my first unusual and brings back good old feelings. However there is a Legacy courier that is equally meaningful to me, which is my Pinkish/Magenta-ish Resonant Energy War Dog, Color: 206, 29, 174. This courier is the closest to a Pink EF War Dog I will ever get, and to me this one is truely beautiful. These 2 are definitely my top ones, after them I'd put my LG War Dog 186, 157, 194, and my super intense EF Yak 25, 222, 8, but I have so many other great ones, they can't really be sorted.

D2LP: Your collection is certainly impressive. You mentioned a pink EF War Dog, can you tell me why you are comparing your couriers to that one specifically?

XaTrixX: Yeah, ever since I've been after one. My biggest problem was, back then when they were cheap, I had nothing as well. The market was in such a quick shift, nobody knew if 100 Keys for a Pink EF War Dog makes any sense. I mentioned I had nothing, that's true: I didn't put much into my collection, I traded my way up to what I have now. Don't ask me how I did it, probably multiple hours of daily trading. Why am I after this Pink EF Dog? I don't know! I like the color because it is entirely different and in some way very appealing. It just catches your eye on the green grass background (Radiant) as green is the contrast color considering the RGB palette. I also told my Girlfriend about that Pink EF War Dog and what it would mean to me, she however asked me if i turned gay. :)

D2LP: The way you talk about your legacy couriers makes it sound like you collect then for more than just value. What drives you to collect legacy couriers?

XaTrixX : That's right. Legacies mean much more to me, would I run this database otherwise? :D I think Legacies are still the only truely unique items. Sure, there are tournament items or other items like TI 2 couriers with unique Tags, but I talk about unique in terms of visibility ingame. I definitely collect them because I want to own them to simply use them ingame. I'm not the moneymaker person. But speaking about money, I have to mention that I feel Legacies are WAY too cheap. Considering their uniqueness, and improved visibility/eye catching by certain colors, their prices do not justify what they are.

D2LP: Has all your work on the D2LP website changed your perception of legacy couriers or the legacy courier trading community?

XaTrixX : Yes it definitely has. Take a look at following link. This link lists the Legacy EF Badgers. Now move down to the the 57 14 80 colored EF Badger. Compare it to the others, this makes you understand: This courier is TRUELY unique and really really special. About the community? I am not sure. Many people started using D2LP as a reference to view pictures or check if there are similar or even duplicates of a legacy. With the latest additions of Dota 2 items (New Couriers/Old Effects, Steam Trading Cards, Dota 2 Player Cards) the market isn't really focused on Legacies, but I'm sure for a few people our site was inspiring.

D2LP: If d2lp does inspire traders to venture into the legacy market, do you have any words of advice for them?

XaTrixX: Definitely: If d2lp inspires you, hopefully you want a legacy courier because of it's beauty or it's uniqueness, not to make profit. So if you find a real beauty, try to get it, even when it's expensive. That's what I always did. Legacy couriers are unique and special, and the price has to reflect this. If you just want to trade them for profit, be warned: The legacy market isn't the biggest and should you ever be in need of a quicksell, your chances are rather bad. However you can also gamble, I could imagine the prices rising, but that's in your responsibility.

D2LP: Do you have any future plans for your collection, or any insight about what we can expect in the future from D2LP?

XaTrixX: I'm definitely planning to upgrade my collection. I'll try to focus more on quality than quantity. The collection that I have right now is more than I ever expected to collect. I also have enough variety, but I am still by far not tired of collecting! A stumpy with burning animus or maybe a searing essence war dog would be cool. About d2lp: As always, we're improving the page and constantly adding content. The missing pages are the next goal, and possibly we're looking ahead to make a raffle. Stay tuned! :)

D2LP: Great! To continue the tradition (of one interview), let’s go through some quick fire questions. Answer in one sentence or one word, if you dare.

XaTrIxX: sure, let's go

Favorite effect: EF, RE, LG

Your worst trade: greedy greevil 3x ue bought for 3 timebreakers

Most played hero: batrider

Most hated hero: shredder

White or pink: Pink

TI3 champions, China or the World: China?

Legacy trading community: crazy

Favorite courier that is not yours: acid green ef war dog

Most anticipated hero or addition to dota 2: techies

D2LP: That’s all I have got! Do you have any last words for our visitors?

XaTrixX: Enjoy the site and please contact us for any questions, really, just do it we are friendly and don't bite!