Interview with PAADA

D2LP: Hello Paada! You are probably one of the most well-known collectors of legacy couriers. Would you please introduce yourself?

Paada: My name is Arthur; I’m 24 and am Brazilian. I am a huge fan of DotA2 and of E-sports. Founder and owner of paiN Gaming, one of the biggest and most respected e-sports organizations in South America :) I also used to play professional DotA2 as support and captain of paiN Gaming; I’ve retired earlier this year!

D2LP: Nice to have you for an interview. Your collection is simply amazing. Are you using all of them when you are playing or just a few?

Paada: Yes, I use all of them; many times I ask my friends which courier they prefer. EF Wardogs are what they choose the most! :)

D2LP: What do legacy couriers mean to you? Do you just love to have something unique and get a lot of attention by others or is it the specific colors that you personally love yourself?

Paada: I love the fact that they are unique but I would never buy them if they didn't look good, I think they look amazing and constantly host private games to have some fun, stare at them and show off a bit :D

D2LP: I see. What is your favorite legacy courier you don't own yourself?

Paada: Wuvs' EF Boar. It's amazing!

D2LP: When approximately did you start collecting them, and how did it work out? Was it a fast process or did it take time, and are you already finished with your collection?

Paada: It all started when I saw my first pink courier at playdota forums, it was a pink Ethereal Flames Badger. I had no idea what legacy couriers where but that badger was something I had never seen before, so I decided to buy it no matter what. I really wanted to use that couriers in tournaments to show off. Later on I started learning what Legacy was and how unique it was and a few weeks later I got offered a Legacy EF Yak which I bought with no hesitation since the price seemed really good and Yaks have always been my favorite.

D2LP: Those 2 couriers where my motivation to start collecting and my collection became my main focus after that. I Later I traded away all my 8 Defense Wardog for other Legacies which I have never regretted. :)

D2LP: That sounds great! You also used to be playing Dota competitively with team paiN. How does trading and competitive Dota work together. How much time did you spend with trading compared to playing?

Paada: Competitive Dota can actually be very useful for trading, but unfortunately for me it only cost me more money since I wanted to purchase mine and my teams tournament items. Though I must admit that a few trades of mine where only concluded due to the little recognition I had with the person trading with me. I do spend a lot of time with trading during events and other specific cases, but I’ve also been away for entire months. Time wasn't a big of a issue since our team only played 2-3 hours a day and I could do the trading during pub games.

D2LP: In your competitive Dota games you were using your legacy couriers. Are the competitive players aware that a lot of money is involved in these couriers or wasn't this ever mentioned?

Paada: My teammates always knew, I actually gave them a lot of advices and many of them have a lot of valuable stuff.

D2LP: Did the enemy teams ever mention anything about your legacies?

Paada: No, the only pros who I know of which have trading knowledge is ArtStyle ex-Navi and Zhou from iG who bought a tournament smeevil (with his name on it) from a friend of mine.

D2LP: I see, last real question: What advice could you give to newer traders out there that want to start into the legacy collecting business?

Paada: Be quick, the earlier the better and don't get scammed!

D2LP: Very nice, to finish it off, some small game. Answer fast, don't think about it, speak what comes to your mind first. And answer preferably in less than 10 words and less than 10 seconds. Are you up to it?

Paada: Let’s do it!

D2LP: Okay, go!

Golden Baby Roshan: Expensive

The International 3: LGD.China

Golden Greevils: I still have hope!

Affliction of Vermin: Yuk

Dota 2 Trading as an Investment: Risky

Price Manipulation: Not nice

White EF Wardog: Fake and gay

Black EF Wardog: Invisible effect :(

D2LP: Thanks, we're done! Any last words?

Paada: Shoutout to every trader out there and a special thanks to for helping legacys get their deserved recognition. And I want a featured courier!

D2LP: You'll get one! Thanks and have a nice day!