Interview with AONomad

D2LP: Hello AONomad! It's great to have you for the 3rd D2LP interview. Would you introduce yourself to the Legacy fans out there?

AONomad: HI EVERYONE!!! I'm AONomad, people usually call me Nick or Nomad anything works. I'm err, I guess I'm just another trader but sometimes a little bit crazy and moderately cool. So yeah. hi

D2LP: Welcome Nick. Tell us something about your life as a trader and in particular your experience legacy couriers.

AONomad : Hmm, "life as a trader," that sounds pretty all-encompassing. I think I'm mostly an observer; I rarely bother to buy things unless I really really really really love them (whether they be legacies or tournament items). Also I prefer to call legacies "uniques," which is their original/old name from last summer. Not sure if that's a little snobby, I just think it sounds nicer

D2LP: I see. Would you mind giving the readers some insight about the highlights in your (current?) inventory?

AONomad : Hmm, I think my favorite pieces are my tournament Rylai mittens (last item from the G-League grand finals!), paid a ton for it and don't regret it one bit. As far as uniques are concerned, I can't really choose from them, sorry! They're all equal in my eyes. I actually had around a dozen or so early this year, but I decided I had been buying according to other people's preferences, so I sold the majority and began buying only those I really liked for myself. I think this has made my collection a bit less generic, has a bit more flair/character, and I can really call it my own. <3

D2LP: I think it's important to follow your own style! As you sold some of the couriers from other people's preferences, does that mean you like "unpopular" legacy colors? The best example is probably your 2 Legacy Teal EF Couriers (War Dog + Morok). Is it just the teal color or are you generally interested in not so high demanded colors? Tell us more about what it needs from a legacy to really catch your eye.

AONomad: I don't really pay attention to what other people like too much; I've always been a fan of (non-unique) teal, and I guess that's translated to legacies. I am interested in high demand colors, but most of the EF ones are already taken, haha. In non-EF form though, I'm the proud owner of a beautiful slate gray BA wardog and pure white PB morok. I love using them in-game because they're not too flashy but still look phenomenal and "natural." Generally before buying a legacy I have a vague idea of what I want months before I actually find it. For example, I've wanted a pale RE stumpy since forever. Your friend and co-D2LP owner G_ary stole one that I wanted!

D2LP: Oh, I'm sorry about the RE Stumpy, but in this market unfortunately the things you want are always gone :). What do you think about the current market around Legacy couriers? Give us some food for thought and, if you have any, give some advices to Legacy newcomers. What did you learn on your trading journey?

AONomad: Hrm, well, quite a few people ask me this question nearly every day. I try to give an unbiased answer, but really not sure I can: legacies rock. I don't really care if their prices rise or fall (pretty convinced they will rise--but would be happier if they fell so I could buy more muahahaha). As for what I've learned... that's pretty tough. I started buying legacies before they were profitable, and indeed before anyone thought they would even ever be profitable. I think what I've learned is trade for passion and ignore the market. Maybe you get lucky, maybe you don't--but ultimately if you're just trading for the money you're better off working in the real world. Also, another note: Newcomers should be careful; while I am nearly 100% confident legacies will rise (maybe not in the short-term, but long-term for sure), if you're trading for profit, you'll probably not meet with much success. Nearly everyone I've met who's begun trading legacies for short-term gain has either broken even or barely profited, but regretted how much time and effort they spent.

D2LP: Thanks for these wise words, Nick. So we from D2LP are 100% into legacy couriers. You are well known to be very experienced with Tournament items as well. Could you describe what it is about those items fascinates you? How do Legacy Couriers compare to Tournament items how do you predict the future of Tournament items in comparison to Legacy couriers?

AONomad: I guess my love for collecting unique things applies to both legacies and tournament items (I'm pretty furious at the recent update that makes tournament drops not unique--not buying any unless they're pre-July 12). Tournament items are a tad different from legacies: unique couriers are lovely, natural colors created randomly by chance, whereas unique tournament items are representative of a historical moment in competitive dota. Though it's a similar allure, it's not quite the same. I don't think tournament items are profitable, and never have. As with legacies, I buy them for the love of collecting. People think I'm a little bit nuts at times, but I do what I love. :D (Mind you, if I didn't spend so much on tournament items, I'd have 2-3 more legacies, which would be pretty great in its own right. But we all have to make choices.)

D2LP: Okay Nick, thanks for this interview! To finish things off some quick fire questions, ready for this?

AONomad: Shoot!

D2LP:A bad movie? AONomad: If it was bad I already forgot it
Your dream Tournament item: Already own both of them (paid a nightmarish amount for both--but wouldn't dream of not having).
Your dream legacy color code / courier combination: Ack tough one. I would kill for a pale gray RE yak.
Playercards(one word): Page full of Mushi. IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN.
The International 3: Love nearly every team, whoever wins I'm happy
Techies: I barely knew what I was doing in DotA but even so I remember dying randomly and crying myself to sleep.
Your dream car: BMW convertible, 5 series
Hot Pink FB Demon: Love you Shotta but seriously why a demon
TI3 fantasy team "Carry": mouz.Black
Favourite Legacy courier you do not own: Gah now I actually have to think. I think Legolas' Sinbad RE yak, but wuvs' collection has a number of unsung heroes (her FB morok was gorgeous, for example). Oh! SpaghEddie's BA morok. :) (I'm a morok fan, if that wasn't already obvious)
(Bonus Question/EGO question) Favourite courier that I own (XaTrIxX): LOL, you would ahahahahah. Give me a sec, you have too many, need to refresh my memory. Your red BA boar and sky blue LG boar; also your LG wardog but that's a given.
Pls add me fast trade: People don't really tell me that to be honest.(I rarely actually trade)
Teal or White: Depends on the effect
Your Worst trade ever: Worst lack of trade ever: Not buying (the only) Puppey first-blood (on Fluff) smeevil for 550 keys. >.< Worst trade: [H] 12 timebreakers [W] 2 gg's each
Luminous Gaze or Resonant Energy: 100% dependent on the courier model

D2LP: Thanks Nick that's it. Your last words!

AONomad: "The only horrible thing in the world is ennui, Dorian."