Duplicated Legacy Couriers

A list of couriers known to be involved in a scam or hijacked account.

*NOTE: This may not be a 100% complete list. These are only the confirmed duplicates that d2lp knows of. Buyers should do their own research as well.

32 confirmed duplicates
Courier: Particle: Hex Color: Red: Green: Blue: R,G,B SS Description
Enduring War DogEthereal FlameC51B171972723       Duplicated
Enduring War DogPiercing Beams528E4D8214277       Scammed on 4/24/2013, Duplicated
Enduring War DogPiercing Beams930A5E1471094       Scammed on 9/19/14, Duplicated
Trusty Mountain YakSearing Essence05DF985223152       Duplicated
Trusty Mountain YakSearing EssenceA22DFF16245255       Scammed , Duplicated
Trusty Mountain YakFelicitys Blessing991DF815329248       Scammed on 7/14/14, Duplicated
Trusty Mountain YakFelicitys BlessingA7E171167225113       Scammed
Fearless BadgerEthereal Flame337DF251125242       Duplicated
Fearless BadgerResonant EnergyE86A2323210635            
Fearless BadgerLuminous GazeF8AE72248174114       Duplicated
Fearless BadgerLuminous Gaze3B76FC59118252       Scammed on 4/24/2013, Duplicated
Fearless BadgerBurning Animus48BA5E7218694       Duplicated
Fearless BadgerBurning Animus264A0E387414       Scammed on 7/1/2013, Duplicate was SMASHED
Fearless BadgerBurning AnimusA6FAFE166250254       Duplicated, both smashed
Fearless BadgerBurning Animus4C9F527615982       Scammed on 4/24/2013, Duplicated
Fearless BadgerBurning Animus3E625C629892       Scammed on 7/1/2013, Duplicated
Fearless BadgerPiercing Beams52180682246       Scammed on 7/1/2013, Duplicated
Fearless BadgerPiercing Beams222F0E344714       Scammed onE 7/1/2013, Duplicate was SMASHED
Fearless BadgerFelicitys BlessingEF6580239101128       Duplicated Twice
Fearless BadgerFelicitys BlessingE854322328450       Scammed on 7/1/2013, Duplicated
StumpyEthereal Flame028BC02139192            Duplicated
StumpyPiercing BeamsF4370B2445511       Scammed on 7/1/2013, Duplicated
Mighty BoarResonant Energy123C661860102       Scammed on 7/1/2013, Duplicated
Mighty BoarLuminous Gaze17CA572320287       Duplicated
Mighty BoarSearing Essence24016F361111       Scammed on 7/1/2013, Duplicated
Mighty BoarSearing Essence90C46114419697       Scammed on 7/1/2013, Duplicated
Mighty BoarBurning Animus7011481121772       Scammed on 9/9/13, Duplicated
Mighty BoarPiercing BeamsBA1607186227       Scammed on 7/1/2013, Duplicated
MorokEthereal Flame03F49D3244157       Duplicated
MorokResonant Energy32A6CF50166207       Duplicated
MorokPiercing BeamsCD0A242051036       Duplicated
MorokFelicitys Blessing27E200392260       Scammed on 4/24/2013, Duplicated